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Honestly if it took you two weeks to move on then you didnt “love”someone. Obviously. I knew it was a lie anyway but im really sorry that I wasted my time on someone who didnt really care about me. And as for me looking upset my wisdom teeth are growing in and bothering me so obviously im not going to look cheery at all. Not that you would know that of course you think my life still revolves around you. As for me being “immature” im actually not. Im not the one who went around complaining about what happened to every person i know. I told my best friend and thats all. I didnt bring anyone else into it because in the end you looked like a child to everyone and they all came up to me ans bbm told me that. Im done putting trust in people and im done with relationships they always end up like this so im going to focus on school and work from now on.

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