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Age Does Not Determine Maturity

What’s worse? Not being there for someone when they need you after they have been there for you or being extremely unhappy and being there for them. I’m trying to be a decent person because i do care but when they have this Victim Mentality what can I do really? It’s taking everything i have not to just leave and be done. I’m sick of people making me feel like this and just letting it happen. If i did leave it would be like every other time i have before, by that i mean, forgetting about them and never talking to them again and having no emotions towards it. 



I just dont understand how someone who apparently cares so much can make you feel this insignificant. Make you feel like your not even worth their time. Its pathetic how people get so mad when you do next to nothing to them, get them mad enough to not talk to you anymore but they can’t see what they do to you.