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Not proud to say im a person sometimes.

Am I too young to understand how the world works? I don’t think I am. I’m not saying (by any means) that I’m better than anyone but whenever I’m around people I always seem to notice them talking about people. Never in a good way either. People always seem to focus on everyone’s bad qualities and never the good ones. It makes me so mad. Sometimes when I’m sitting with people, as soon as they start talking about people I leave. I don’t care what they did with who, or if they lied to you. I’m just happy with myself. I don’t even care when people talk about me, I never give people a reason to, so if they are its probably lies. Lies and gossip do not matter to me. I’m trying give everyone the benefit of the doubt but its so hard when people are rude.


I Cant Explain

I understand people make mistakes, and I get “forgive and forget” but fuck that in this situation. I never hate people or hold serious grudges. But this is just unbelieveable, especially because they don’t think its a big deal anymore, well to me it fucking is. And I hate you. And I’m trying to forget about it and you fucking are NOT friends with my friends, so don’t talk to them. FUCK. I can’t say I’ve never been this upset, but what you did before was the most upset I’ve ever been, and this is making it worse. Worst fucking friend I’ve ever had and I wish we didn’t go to the same school. You judge me for being “fake” but at least I have never went behind your back, ever. Like I’m actually crying and nothing makes me cry anymore.. I’m that upset and no one understands. My moms on her side, everyone seems to be. For once I’d like someone to tell her to fuck off, especially a boyfriend. But no, everyones like “I don’t hate you, you just did bad stuff” No. Tell her to fuck off. Fuck.