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I just dont understand how someone who apparently cares so much can make you feel this insignificant. Make you feel like your not even worth their time. Its pathetic how people get so mad when you do next to nothing to them, get them mad enough to not talk to you anymore but they can’t see what they do to you.


If you get involved with someone and tell them everything (more then you would with other people) and you see them always, always talk about stuff that matters or just random stuff, just always with them in general. And you realize your not as happy as you where.. not their fault but you just feel differently. Since you don’t lie to them you tell them how you feel and say you dont feel the same as you used to. But what I wasnt expecting was “dont tell me you care I dont want to hear it” or “I dont even know you” or “your not who I thought you were your actually like everyone else” really? So everything didnt matter all because I dont feel the same as I used to. Honestly that makes no sense. I get that their upset I would be too but trying to hurt my feelings over it? Yeah okay. Congrats I feel like shit. For being honest.

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