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Comparison pictures of me.. What a change







So i messaged my “birth mother” in 2011 when i was ready to ask why i was put up for adoption when i was a baby. It was just strange to me she had three kids, i was the middle child, and i’m the one who got put up for adoption. So i wrote her a paragraph just asking basically why she did it i would like to know blah blah. She responded something like “I knew the day you would come when you asked me what happened sorry i’ve been busy with job training and havent been on facebook” So i said again just tell me why you did it its simple. I’m guessing telling me would have taken a few minutes out of her busy day. So she never answered after that, three months after she didnt answer i deleted her off of facebook and didnt care for an answer anymore i stopped thinking about it. Now it’s 2014 and she messaged me today saying exactly this “Your father just contacted me on FB. Mark. I was really happy about it.” Really? I didn’t even know his name until today why do i care that he messaged you, or that it made you happy? That wasn’t what i asked you three years ago. Not what i’m asking now. Its really messed up not knowing where you came from honestly. Or who your family is or was. I’d just like to know.’’