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I just dont understand how someone who apparently cares so much can make you feel this insignificant. Make you feel like your not even worth their time. Its pathetic how people get so mad when you do next to nothing to them, get them mad enough to not talk to you anymore but they can’t see what they do to you.



  I can’t sleep again, i know its because i ruined my sleep schedule one day on my Christmas break by not sleeping till 6AM. But it was a good night and i don’t regret it. All i can think about right now is how screwed up and flawed we people are. I’m obviously included I’m a person. Its just sad to me people need drugs to be happy. They could be so much more than what they are but they chose to mess up their lives. I wish i could change that about some people, make them see you can have a good time without that stuff. But people do what they want.

  I hate how i can’t have deep conversations with anyone anymore, people don’t care, people think your too serious if you try to talk about anything meaningful. They would rather talk about who had a good party last weekend or who said what about them. I don’t care about that stuff. I want to talk about our futures, what you want to be when you grow up. See what other people think about. But to have a meaningful deep conversation you need to have been friends for a while, that’s sort of an unwritten rule in life. I wish it wasn’t. i wish i could make new friends this year and we could stay friends. But i can’t. It’s my last year here and who would want to be good friends with someone who’s leaving anyways.