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You can’t trust a liar.

Honestly you can’t lie to me and tell me months later and expect me to not be mad..sorry that’s not how life works. You also can’t pull the “You aren’t responding so you must not have cared about our relationship at all” card. I cared way too much.. i never lied to you, always told you where i was and who i was with. It’s literally bullshit that you said that to me. I broke up with you because you swore at me and treated me like shit.. you told me to leave and find someone else, told me to fuck off, said if i was upset then i need to fix it.. you never even said sorry. So i’m done. You made me cry too many times, when i had a problem you always made me feel like i was bothering you with it but whenever you had a problem i didn’t stop until i found a way to help. If you don’t see how you went wrong here then that’s too bad and i’m not going to explain it in detail to you. I hope the next girl you get you treat better. 


Ladies Rant

I would like to thank the girl complaining to my boyfriend about all her relationship problems, because apparently you two don’t talk, and it makes so much sense why you need to talk to a boy about this and not your own boyfriend or even a girl whose your friend or even someone you talk to regularly.

Thanks goes out to my boyfriend for having a girl best friend and not being able to admit it.

Thank you to my boyfriend for doing something he knew i wouldn’t like, knowing that i would get upset, doing it anyways, thinking apologising would make it fine. That’s like giving someone a slap in the face but saying its okay because you planned to tell me and apologise for it later.