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I hate liking people sometimes, honestly. “Having a crush” is literally the worst. Usually it starts out with you seeing someone attractive or hearing someone say something you agree with and like and you want to know more and you develop this image of them in your mind even though you know nothing about said person. You tell them stuff before you know it their getting closer to you and you to them and then things start to come up, you get to know them more and they do things that annoy you, or they start to lose interest or they dont treat you like they did when you first started talking. When you start talking to them less and less you notice they literally give their number out or make a post like “someone message, bored” when their talking to you or when you dont talk that day. How do you say.. replaced? I would rather you not pretend to only like me tbh, and not tell me im the only girl you talk to because thats such a bullshit line and its over used, and it’s a lie. Why can’t people just be honest. If you like someone show them.. if you dont then dont toy with them leave them alone. I am so sick of people who flirt with everyone talking to me. Literally leave me alone if your going to do that don’t waste your time on me it will go nowhere. 


If you have to force someone to care, force someone to listen to you then its a safe bet to assume they dont care about you. Just let them go. Let them mature and find someone who they actually want to listen to and be there for.

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There must be something wrong with me. I care more about people then they could ever dream and no one sees it. This whole week has been filled with me getting told how i’m not good enough, that i don’t care enough the list goes on. i was about ready to just give up. I broke down crying walking in the rain yesterday when i was going home and i had no one to tell about it. I always am the one to make people leave. Is something wrong with me? Fucking tell me so i can fix it i’m so sick of messing up and people holding it against me forever.People are going to disappoint you, I get that… I kind of expect that, but I don’t know, what if you wake up one day and realize that you’re the disappointment. 

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-My problem is with anybody who just vanishes and then waltzes back in and expects to be instantly forgiven.

-Why does everybody lie? You know the bad guys lie to get in your bed… and the good guys lie to get in your heart and I’m the idiot that falls for it every time.

-Sometimes people put up walls, not to keep people away. But to see who cares enough to tear those walls down.

-I thought I knew you. But I guess it’s easier to see what we want than to look for the truth.

-It never seemed like you missed me. And I guess because of it, I stopped missing you.”

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