Chivalry is dead.

Since when did texting become a big gesture. saying “i care” instead of physically showing it. In reality John Cusack wouldn’t wait outside your window with a boombox for you with no hope of an answer. In reality a guy will text you he is sorry. Never once coming over to show it or even easier.. a phone call. Chivalry is dead. and that breaks my heart. You open up to someone after they tell you to, you trust them only to get shot down and end up picking yourself back up, being strong for yourself. How can someone text you sorry hope you forgive me.. and THAT’S IT! That is all they say.. they dont pursue you they don’t try any harder. That is what you get and that is what 21st century love looks like. Starting to learn you yourself are the only one you should trust, don’t let others decide your happiness.. they will drop it. They will drop it every time.


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