How the fuck can you put so much time into someone and see them all the time and be 100% honest with someone always .. then they say “I dont believe you care or ever cared about me” really?! Im never that open with people because people arent trustworthy. But I trusted one person and now– because I was honest Im the bad guy who never cared. I guess every time I tried to care my efforts went unnoticed.  And now I feel like shit because they said I didn’t ever care. I dont cry over things that dont matter. Sad how the person you thought knew you so well ended up not knowing me at all.


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  1. Jarrod C

    It is because it is some sort of issue unresolved in that other individual and they are deflecting it on you. This is actually a very common occurrence with people. It is easier to blame others than yourself.
    The one thing I always try to remember and do is just be myself and not ever lose sight of that. We can’t make other people feel a certain way, see things a certain way, be our friends, like us, etc. But, all we can do is be who we are and if people accept that – fine – if not, great too.
    I am not glossing over the fact that opening your heart to someone either in a platonic or romantic fashion and then having it stepped all over doesn’t still hurt. I actually just experienced this myself. And, it does take time to move past it. But, the only thing that I end up having trouble with is if I lose myself or do something or say something uncharacteristic of who I am. I’ve learned that I can’t help people or change them. I can’t hold them up for their insecurities. It isn’t my job to make people feel something or make them happy or the like. It is my job to try to love, respect, and treat people with dignity. If they don’t accept that, there isn’t anything I can do.
    Best wishes to you!

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