I don’t care about stuff or going out on fancy dates. I would have, and did try everything i could to make you happy and you still lied to me. I don’t understand why. What is wrong with me? What wasn’t good enough? I know you’re not supposed to blame yourself for what other people do but idk i just don’t understand how this all happened. When we first started daiting we agreed we were tired of looking for relationships and breaking up and finding new people we just wanted us. We wanted to stop looking. We also agreed not o lie to eachother because the truth is better even if it’s not what the other wanted to hear.. I never lied. I was honest with you. I had to listen to you complain and bitch at me if i went a few hours not telling you what i was doing. You made me feel so bad about hanging out with my friends and going out you made me cry and then you would swear, yell at me then hangup on me. But i come to find out you lied to me for a month. And for the first time i actually got so mad at you and i had a reason unlike you all those times you know what you told me? “Your upset well then you fix it” So no. I don’t care if you get closure or not i’m not talking to you ever again. You broke my heart. So don’t tell me you love me because you don’t know what love is. I’m left heartbroken and I just wish it could go back to the way things where this is killing me. Im more upset now then I was. It’s all I think about.


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