Am i being “clingy” when i think maybe when in a relationship we should text for more then an hour a day, see each other more then one day a week? When your in a relationship with someone you should probably text them a little more then most people you talk to. Just saying. Sorry for giving a shit.



  1. apinz001

    I feel the same conflict. I feel like guys think that we are being obsessive when we text them throughout the day, which is far from it. I love my boyfriend, and we were best friends until we started dating, and would text each other everyday. That habit has carried over into the relationship but now he feels like I’m not giving him enough space. Yet, if I don’t text him, he will send me random messages or get upset if I don’t respond. As much as men think women are confusing, they are the exact same way.

    • Grace

      Yeah exactly it makes me so mad because i am not “that girl” and when they tell you you’re not giving them enough space like do you not want to hear from me at all?

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